Social media has become a necessity for many of you. You may constantly post your snaps on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and a multitude of other social platforms. You do so, in order to stay connected you’re your friends online or to let the world know the exciting experiences you are having. However, you have to consider the safety aspect of using social media no matter where you are.

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What are the essential tips for safe social media use?

  • Know Your Friends

Before you post anything like where you are, and how long you are there or any other personal information, consider the people on your friend list. Do you know them all? Befriending even those who you don’t know makes it easier for such people to gain access to sensitive information of yours.

  • Stay informed of Privacy Settings

You should check your social media privacy settings once a month. However, it’s a must before embarking on a trip. Do not assume that default settings will keep you safe.

  • Avoid Geo-Location Services

It may tempt you to post your specific location, especially when you are on a holiday or on vacation, but it’s not a good idea. Posting your location will let your friends or followers know where you are not at home, and this is something stalkers to thieves will be happy to know.

If you are excited enough to post your vacation posts, try until you are home. Avoid posting your locations. Stay vague and stay safe

  • Use Strong Passwords

Suppose, you are in an unfamiliar place and you are a bit distracted and you leave your mobile device somewhere. Well, in that case, your device can be hacked easily if you are not using a strong password with characters. If your mobile device does not have a lock and password, you can become a victim of an information breach.

Make sure, your mobile features a unique password so anyone who seeks to hack your devices, cannot reach the potential information.

Important: You should remember to review your device’s security settings before you leave for your trip or vacation. You must turn off your location services and check whether your social media and email passwords are strong enough or not.

Social media might be a good platform to share your beautiful memories but you have to pay a price, in case your account is hacked. Be secure and check your privacy settings on a regular basis. Social media have made your personal information less protective. So in order to be secure, you should have a Norton product installed on your device.

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