Norton antivirus program was designed to keep your computer safe and secure from the foreign attacks and the malicious files if they get downloaded somehow, but this antivirus program can sometimes interfere in the installation process of some of your desired software and programs or may be in the functionality of your web browser. In order to overcome this issue, you can disable Norton services for some time, get your programs installed and then re-enable these services again to stay safe and secure from the threats.

To Disable Norton Antivirus and The Smart Firewall

Follow the given steps to disable Norton antivirus and its services like smart firewall:

  • In the bottom right corner of your screen, there is a small triangle icon in the task-bar, by which you can open up the Notification tray, click on it. You will find an icon of Norton, right click on this icon to open up a list of options related to the Norton ant viruses security.
  • In order to disable the firewall on a temporary basis, you have to click on Disable Smart Firewall. Use Select the duration in order to set the duration for this temporary to disable of the firewall and click on OK, it will activate. If you are not able to do any kind of task using Norton Antivirus, simply deactivate it and get your work done.

Note: If you disable the Smart Firewall it means that your computer is open and exposed to the threats and the malicious and viruses.

To Control the Norton Toolbar

  • If you are using Internet Explorer or the Firefox as your browser, you can disable Norton’s browser toolbar, in order to unlock some of the web sites disabled by the Norton. All you have to do is to click on the view, then select toolbars and un-check Norton Toolbar. And when you have to turn it on, simply recheck this box and it will be re-enabled. Now click on OK to save the changed settings.
  • To disable Norton toolbar in Google Chrome, click on the menu, select tools then choose Extensions. Under Extensions, You will find the option to enable and disable the Norton Toolbar. Disable it when you don’t want to use it and want to access all of those websites which Norton has disabled and simply turn it back on when you are done with those websites. For Norton Setup Guide visit

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